Tips to make your eyelashes longer and thicker

Eyelashes can add an extra bit to your appearance and improve your eye make-up significantly. It is very common to use a mascara every day to make them look voluminous, but except of it, how often do you take care of your lashes properly? I guess hardly ever. So maybe it is high time to start thinking about it and realise that they exist.  Check out those tips to find out how to take a better care of them.

Homemade remedies

  1. Buy a lash comb or an unused mascara brush to comb and clean your eyelashes on daily basis. This will enable them to grow stronger and prevent from breaking too often.
  2. Homemade remedies can be a great mean to enhance them grow naturally. For example, olive oil and castor oil work wonders for the lashes giving them after some time an extra volume.
  3. You can also try petroleum jelly that will work as a lash enhancer. Apply it with a thin brush. Almond oil is also said to be a good remedy that will make the eyelashes grow faster.
  4. Try Aloe vera that is a wonderful home remedy that can help you get long, thick eyelashes. The growth of the eyelashes is caused by the several vitamins and nutrietients aloe vera has. It also keeps them moisturized. You can try applying it on an old, but clean mascara wand.
  5. Another good idea is to try to use lemon peels to add volume to the eyelashes. They are are rich in vitamins C and B, folic acid and other nutrients that enhance the growth.

No matter what oil you choose, remember to apply it carefully to prevent it from going into your eyes. All of them are known to strengthen and improve the shape of the eyelashes, but be patient. It does take time to show effect as the eyelashes don’t grow too fast.

Every day before you go to sleep, do an eyelid massage that quicken the growth. How? It facilitates the blood circulation to the hair follicles which leads to stronger and thicker eyelashes. Also, this little massage can prevent the lashes from breaking. Use your fingertips, massage along your lids and lash line in small, circular motions. Do the massage for 5-7 minutes twice a day for few month. As was said before, be patient when waiting for the effect. Before massaging your eyelids, make sure your hands are clean.

Hope you will find those tips useful and with a bit of time, you will enjoy spectacular effects.

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