Lash Extensions: Tips You Need To Know Before Heading To The Salon

Most women don’t have the time or patience to apply fake eyelashes every day (we barely have enough time to use an eyelash curler!) So it’s no surprise that lash extensions have become increasingly popular in recent years. And I guess you are in the majority of women who have thought about the idea of having eyelash extension done at least once. But before we decide to give them a whirl, it is worth getting acquainted with some information about this beauty treatment.

It has become one of the most popular treatments for women in recent months. This is a simple and effective method of thickening and lengthening your own, not always perfect natural eyelashes.

1: 1 lash extension is a procedure where one artificial lash is attached to one natural lash. It can be performed both in the beauty salon and at home –  the place must be well prepared, its mostly about good light and precision.

Unfortunately, the popularity of this procedure has caused a dangerous growth of people who offer this beauty treatment without the right preparation.  Therefore, before you decide to give a stranger responsibility for your beauty and eye health , it is worth checking whether he has any proof of being specialized in eyelash extension and will provide us with a safe procedure. Any person called an eyelash stylist should have a certificate issued by a competent institution or beauty salon conducting the training. The consequence of a badly performed treatment may result in “unstable” lashes, at worst eyes’ irritation. . If the stylist uses cheap, poor quality products, the lashes may glue which is difficult to save. It is also wrong to glue eyelashes too close to the eyelid – the client will feel discomfort then, eyelids can get itchy and after a time even cause pain.

Durable, good quality eyelashes are made of silk in combination with synthetic fiber, which makes them beautiful, lightweight and resistant.

Eyelashes have different lengths, thicknesses and profiles. Therefore, it is important to determine whether the eyelashes after extension are meant to look natural or to attract attention. Eyelashes have a life expectancy of 6-9 weeks, therefore every 4-6 weeks the missing parts should be complemented again.

To maintain a beautiful and durable effect of artificial eyelashes stylists recommend, for the first 48 hours after application, avoiding lash contact with water in order not to weaken the glue. You shouldn’t use mascara on eyelash extensions. You cannot also use the eyelash curler because it can damage both artificial and natural lashes. When removing makeup we must also remember to avoid  touching the lashes with greasy milks or make-up remover.

At the end, it is worth noting that not everyone can have the lash extension done. The main contraindications include: excessive lashes falling out, conjunctivitis, dry eye syndrome, cataract, glaucoma, barley, eye infections, chemotherapy.

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