Maintaining your lash extensions

So you decided to get lash extensions – excellent idea, I’m sure they look terrific! Or, you’ve been using them for a while and are wondering how to make the most of them and perhaps get them to last a bit longer each time?

It’s no secret – as with anything else in your health & beauty routine, to maintain the beauty and lengthen the life of your extensions, you have to take good care of them.

In the 24 hours following the fitting of your extensions, avoid all contact with water.

In the 48 hours hours following fitting, also avoid hot water vapors and in fact contact with hot water.

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An occasional visit to the sauna or hammam is tolerated, but try not to go everyday, as this would prematurely shorten the lifespan of your new lashes, or cause them to move into an orientation that is different from that of your own lashes.

Even if mascara is not necessary, you can use some. We recommend in this case only applying mascara on the tips, and not the base, of your lashes. Applying mascara to the base of your lashes can break them or form mascara bunches on your lashes.

Do not use waterproof mascara or bi-phase products to remove mascara on your extensions, as the makeup remover will damage sheaths on your extensions. Only use water based mascara and remove it with the help of a micellar water type remover. It is recommended to use a mascara adapted to lash extensions. Use oil-free makeup remover and a cotton bud, then rince your eyes with fresh water. When you dry your lashes, use a paper tissu. Fotolia_18940746_M-sw

You can use eyeliner. However, never use a traditional eyelash curler, which would break your natural lashes and your extensions. You can however use an auto-heating eyelash curler, which will not affect your extensions, but instead gently curl them.

Do not pull your lashes or rub your eyelids, even if the desire to do so is sometimes irresistible! You risk losing them, along with your natural lashes. Just try to not rub or touch your eyes through the day, especially as you remove eyeliner or dry your face.

If this is your first go at extensions, you may notice the lifespan of your lashes is not exactly what you expected. This is only because, as you are not used to them yet, you probably pulled or rubbed your lashes without realising. With a few go’s, not touching your eyes should become instinctive.

Plan for a touch-up procedure every three or four weeks. Touch-ups or refills are recommended to maintain a beautiful row of lashes with plenty of volume. Touch-ups require less time than the first fitting, and should cost much less.

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