Rocking the cat eye

We see it throughout the seasons in many different forms but it never ever goes out of style. In fact, it’s a makeup staple for a lot of us. That’s right, I’m talking about eyeliner. More specifically, cat eye effect liner, me-ow! If last year the trend was more with a graphic liner, perhaps in different colours, this Spring-Summer 17 season, it seems we’ve given colour back to eyeshadows, and kept a deep, black, sexy, curvaceous eyeliner.


Whether it be very precise or blended a bit in a smokey style, this season’s liner is back to the 50s inspired, pin-up feline sultriness. The extended flick opens eyes and creates that sexy curve, while the line seemingly thickens the lash row. The result: a sublime, luminous and intense look. Sexy, romantic, or rock’n’roll, twist the trend to fit your mood, and follow our expert style tips to master the feline flick.

If you have never tried this kind of makeup, don’t worry, it suits pretty much everyone and all face shapes, as you can just regulate how soft or how sophisticated you want it to be. For extra wow effect, pair it with lash extensions – you won’t even need to do much in terms of makeup, just follow the lash line, then as you stare straight ahead mirror your lashes’ curve at the outside edge.

A discreet makeup look: Feline makeup is a rather visible and dark, so keep the makeup on your face light and discreet. You can start with a BB cream or CC cream to unify the complexion and keep a smooth and radiant face.

A sexy makeup look: Arm yourself with a natural light coloured eyeshadow (pale pink, beige). A slightly shimmering one will be very sexy. You will need a thin eyeshadow brush: on the whole mobile eyelid, apply a uniform layer of eyeshadow, extending it to the outside were your liner flick will go.Related image

To the very tip: Grab your eyeliner, whether it be a liquid liner with brush, a felt tip pen or a well sharpened pencil. Start by drawing the flick of your liner. It helps to look straight ahead and simply follow the outside curve of your lashes, flicking slightly upwards. For a fine line, just draw in one go. If you’re aiming for a thicker liner, draw the contours first and fill in later. Trace the rest of the line, starting from the inside corner of your eyes or the middle of the lid (this helps if you have small slanted eyes). Follow the lid line, as close to the lashes as possible, and meet the flick. If you’re making a bigger line, unite the contours before filling in.

Keep it symmetrical! This is pretty obvious. With an arty or graphic liner you may want to do a specific drawing on one side, but if you are aiming for a regular cat eye, try your best (practice is key!) to keep both lines identical in thickness and drawing. Don’t extend the line beyond the external corner of your brow line.

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